One Year

Here it is… my first blog post! It feels like I’ve been working on this forever even though I really just started. I have been crafting and creating my whole life. I’ve always loved home decor and started college as an interior decorating student before switching to art my sophomore year. I love doing DIY inspired projects and I wanted to share my experiences with others for a long time. The plan was to start this blog as soon as I bought my first house and share all my projects along the way. Well, I’ve been in my home for almost a year so you can see how well that worked out. If this last year has taught me anything, it’s that life doesn’t always go as planned.


One week before I closed on my house, I unexpectedly lost my beloved dog of 9 years, Rocko. I was absolutely heart broken. I bought this house for us. I could see him playing in the backyard the first time I toured the place. I had already bought a rug for the bedroom because I know that he would struggle with the laminate floor. I never imaged that I would be moving in without my best friend. I had never lived alone but a week after the hardest day of my life, I found myself doing just that. My friends and family were amazing but nothing could bring him back. I was a mess and in no condition to be making any life changing decisions so I went out and adopted a new dog. Brilliant idea, right?

When I met Piper, she was so sweet but you could tell she was very anxious. She was a 5 year old boxer mix who was having lots of anxiety coping with her stay at the humane society. Poor thing had been adopted and returned twice because of her issues and just needed someone to love her. I looked at her and though, “I’m in rough shape. You’re in rough shape. Let’s do this together girly.” As I was impulsively filling out the adoption form, I kind of felt like I could start bawling at any minute. It hadn’t even been 2 weeks since I lost Rocko and it felt like I was trying to replace him. Then my friend Jamie, who works at the humane society and actually helped me with Rocko’s adoption 9 years earlier walked in. She asked if I was the one looking at Piper and when I said yes and she responded with a huge smile. She told me that she thought of me instantly when Piper came back but didn’t know if I would be ready for another dog yet. Her excitement helped set my mind at ease but my heart was still broken and unsure that this was really the best move.


The first few months with Piper were honestly hell. She was a sweet angel when I was home but her anxiety reeked havoc when I would leave. It created a lot of stress on both of us and plenty of household damages including but hardly limited to scratched woodwork, claw marks on walls and even a broken iMac computer screen. Potty training was rough because she would only poop in her sleep for the first few weeks. It’s almost like it was the only time she would relax enough to go. Even when I was home, she wouldn’t even think of playing with her toys. She was always so tense and just couldn’t relax. I spent so many nights in tears because I didn’t know how to help her and I felt guilty for wishing I still had Rocko instead. It was torture at times but I wasn’t willing to give up on her. Slowly over the next few months, things just started falling into place. She stopped freaking out every time I left for work. The accidents started becoming fewer and farther between once the fenced in yard was finished and she could go outside on her own. I will never forget the day she actually started playing with toys. It was about a month before the holidays so it’s needless to say she was spoiled with lots of new squeaker toys at Christmas. We still have rough days and we have plenty to work on. Even as I write this blog, she is pawing at me because I stopped paying attention to her. Haha! Knowing that she’s a happy, healthy pup means the world to me especially after how hard the beginning was for us both.


Although this blog isn’t going to be focused on my goofy dog, she did inspired the name. Piper is my squirrelly girl. She it a total nerd and she makes this house a wonderful home. She has brought a new sense of adventure to my life when I needed it most. My heart is full when I see her waiting for me from the living room window every night and she makes everyday that I miss my sweet boy, Rocko, a little easier. She may be one of the reasons that this blog launched late but sometimes life knocks you on your ass and you need a few seconds (or a year) to get back on your feet again. Despite the ups and downs of my first year of being a home owner, I did manage to do some amazing things in the house and I can’t wait to start sharing all of it with you in the weeks and months to come!