About Me

Welcome to Squirrelly Girl DIY. I’m Jessy Ro, a single, 30 something born and raised in Wisconsin. Ironically enough, I’m ridiculously lactose intolerant but love the cheese state anyways. I am a crazed dog mom to rescued pups and an avid fan of anything DIY. I love being creative in anyway possible. I spend my 9-5 as a graphic designer where I get to make pretty things for others but my free time is often dedicated to working on one of the many projects I have going on at home.


I recently bought my very first house and boy has it been an adventure! Everyone always told me “You think you’re going to love owning a home until this happens.” (Insert every crazy random house problem that you don’t think will ever happen to you.) I have definitely had my fair share of “Oh Crap” moments over the past year but with ever project I complete, my house becoming the beautiful & quirky home I knew it could be. It’s the best feeling to step back and look a project you completed and think “I actually get to live here. This is my home!”


Now let’s call a spade a spade… I’m cheap as hell! I love being hands on and creating my own stuff but I also DIY because I can’t afford not to. I saved for a years to afford this home by myself and I take a lot of pride in that. Since I don’t have an endless decorating budget, I have to get a bit scrappy from time to time. I have definitely had some epic #Fail projects over the years but I have also had some that turned out better then I could ever have imaged! I’m here to share it all with you as this crazy adventure called life unfolds. Thanks for coming along for the ride. 


Jessy Ro